Covid, a living organism, has a right to live like all of us: Trivendra Singh Rawat

Former Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh, on passing controversial comments, during an interview on the coronavirus pandemic, faced criticisms and trolling. Image Source: The Print Ex-chief minister on Covid:

Former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Trivendra Singh Rawat, triggered a political row after passing the statement that coronavirus is a living organism, that has a right to live. He added a philosophical angle to the devastating Covid situation and said it has the right to live like the rest of us. He further added that humans think themselves to be the most intelligent being and are put there trying to eliminate it. Therefore, it’s constantly mutating itself and mentioned in order to stay safe, people need to outpace the virus. Criticisms and trolls:

Trivendra Singh Rawat, not only received criticisms from the opposition, who described his statement as insensitive and foolish but was also trolled on social media for being ignorant and his unusual observation on coronavirus. One Twitter user sarcastically tweeted, “This virus organism should be given shelter in Central Visa.” Present Covid situation:

India is battling a devastating second wave of the virus. Covid cases continue to rise in India at an alarming rate. The current caseload stands at 3,43,144 and the number of deaths reported within the past 24 hours is 4000, while the total death toll has risen to 2,62,317.

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