Covid makes the abortion rate in Mumbai, fall

“It could mean that teenagers know about safer means of contraception and therefore, there are fewer pregnancies. It could also indicate a lesser number of girls getting married early.

But that sort of change would take decades and cannot occur in just five years. Hence, the number could only imply that the adolescents are going elsewhere,” said a senior gynecologist.

The number of abortions drastically falls down in Mumbai due to the COVID crisis. The infection has cost for approx 8000 lives in the city which has some positive effects on this site.

According to statistics the number of abortions in the session 2017-18 where 35358, in 2019-20 was 5778 and in 2020 till now are just 7865 only. Hence we see a huge fall in the number of abortions the city has witnessed to date this year.

Dr. Nozer Sheriar, called the 2018-19 data “concerning”. “Medical abortions have moved out of clinics and the system has failed to keep a track of those numbers. The data we have now is mostly of surgical abortions, which is a small percentage,” he said. “In my opinion, law enforcers must see the impact that Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, has had on teenagers wishing to access safe abortion. It could be the case that they are shying away from accessing services in centers known to report cases.”

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