Covid Patient Raped by a Nurse in Bhopal.

A male nurse raped A Covid—19 patient at a government hospital in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The women died within 24 hours, the police said on Thursday.

The 43-year-old woman got admitted to the Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Center on April 6th. She complained about this shocking incident and her condition deteriorated. In her statement, she also named the accused to a doctor who was eventually identified as Santosh Ahirwar.

As per the sources, after her health worsened, she got shifted to the ventilator and died on the same day, late evening after the case was being reported at the Nishatpura Police Station. The police have arrested the 40-year-old accused Santosh Ahirwar and kept him at Bhopal Central Jail for trials.

The senior police officer, Irshad Wali said that the victim had given an application to the police, requesting her identity to be protected and the incident not to be revealed to anyone.

"That is why the information was not shared with anyone except the investigating team," he said.

According to sources, in the past also, the accused had sexually assaulted a 24- years old staff nurse and had been suspended for drinking while on the job

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