Crackers sellers continue selling crackers in makeshift stalls even after the ban.

Earlier this week, the Kolkata High Court has ordered a complete ban on the firecrackers but the sellers are continuing to sell them in makeshift stalls to maximize their profits and to save their backs from the police forces. Firecracker sellers have set up temporary stalls along the roadside, which would not have been brought to the forefront if surprise checks were not conducted in the markets of Central Kolkata.

On this note, the Kolkata Police has warned these firecracker sellers to be ready to face dire consequences if they still continue such malpractices.

Burrabazar, Posta, and New Market police had indicated a number of seizures that were made overnight and raids that were carried out. In addition, the police are investigating the sporadic incidents of firecrackers being burst in areas of South Kolkata, namely Behala and Parnasree areas.

A KMC official has remarked that permission will also be refused to the sellers of firecrackers on Kalakar Street that is scheduled to pop up a couple of days before the festival of Diwali. The police have assured the government that they are keeping a strict eye on the hoarding of firecrackers and illegal selling of them after the ban by the High court of Kolkata.

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