Criminal Investigation To Be Aided By COVID-19 Tracing Data

The application can be accessed through a smartphone or any digital device

Singapore police to avail COVID-19 tracing data to track the criminals. In March 2020 the government made the installation of TraceTogether App mandatory. Which was highly condemned by the citizens.

Whereas the privacy policy of the app implies only those who exposed to COVID-19 would be traced and the rest's information would be confidential. But violating the app's privacy policy for the sake of public security is reasonable. Singapore police can access any data for criminal investigation.

The TraceTogether app could be accessed by a smartphone or any other digital device. The app was developed to provide relevant data to the Government to overcome the pandemic.

TraceTogether data would be acquired in those circumstances where the security or safety of the citizen may seem to be violated.

According to the Public Sector Act, if an official intentionally discloses personal data of any citizen the officer is liable of getting arrested immediately and would be behind bars for two years without bail. Or maybe fined $5,000 in cash or maybe both. Safeguard of the citizen's personal information is the primary objective of the state. Only the allowing official authorities can access through the information.

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