Cryptocurrency market hits $3 trillion as Ether, Bitcoin gain high

The cryptocurrency market cap hits USD 3 trillion for the 1st time. This market has witnessed the greatest high over the past 48 hours and, most of the virtual currency got their most ever high.

Cryptocurrency market is now worth more than $3 trillion

Records show that all the top 7 crypto coins are up from the last week.

As of Monday market witnessed a 5.5 percent rose in the world's largest virtual currency Bitcoin has been achieved $66,339 also today on Tuesday, it is $66877.10 high which is Rs 5032580.07 in Indian Rupee. Ether also gain 3 percent to a new high of $4709.77 (INR 356165.41).

Market and investors are now gaining enough but we all are aware from the last time fall of crypto when it reached its highest till then and then it fell several thousand dollars suddenly. Bitcoin, Ether both are hitting new records, daily in the market. All Major coins as XRP, Cardano, Dogecoin, Chainlink, Litecoin were also trading as a result of the rally. Despite all the uncertainties and high volatility, predictions say Bitcoin can hit the $100,000 mark by the end of the current year.

"The growth of crypto assets across the globe testifies to the fact that the number of investors joining the crypto revolution is growing exponentially. We are witnessing a massive surge in trading volumes on our exchange and crypto has become the first choice of investors to beat inflation," said Shivam Thakral, CEO, BuyUcoin.

"We remain optimistic that Bitcoin will keep testing its all-time highs and hit the $100,000 mark by the end of this year. We are witnessing the biggest financial revolution in modern history which will forever change the way monetary transactions are executed," he said in a statement. The overall crypto market of India can reach up to $241 million by 2030.

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