Cyber Con: Govt doesn't want you to use these apps

The government of India has warned the people on Twitter about malicious apps, phishing campaigns running on social media.

The latest in the run is an app that claims to detect oxygen levels. The pulse oximeter is available in the market at Rs. 1400 that Cybercrime has been on the rise during pandemic

measures blood saturation

levels. These apps suggest using fingers or fingerprints on mobile light to check the level.

User's personal data at risk

The cybercriminals have exploited the atmosphere to generate malicious links, PDFs, or apps aimed at breaching personal data or biometric data of the user like fingerprints.

Despite a procedure to check the authenticity of apps, these fraudulent apps still get through space. Extreme vigilance must be there while downloading such apps.

These apps also read the bank related SMS thus lifting account information like UPI No, transaction ID, or even Account No.

Zero-cut option for people

Cyber Dost, a safety and Cybersecurity awareness handle under the Ministry of Home Affairs, stated the rise in the development of fake apps exclusively to steal data. Fraudsters have been able to dupe people into downloading through links in pandemic related ads like testing, treatment, and cure.

Unauthenticated payment apps also a risk

Earlier this month, the cybersecurity had warned not to install fake payment apps that are shared through emails or links on social media. Online bank transaction details can be easily retrieved through the user's fed data.

However Google play store or Apple app store authenticates the apps, these fake apps are easy to lure people due to their reach into the person's social media.

The user should verify the developer, rating, reviews, bugs, and total downloads before installing the app, the cybercrime branch remarked.

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