Dalit girls found unconscious; 2 dead, one serious

"It seemed like a case of phosphorous poisoning.”

UNNAO: Three Dalit girls were found in an unconscious state in a field in a village in the Asoha block of Unnao district in eastern Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday. Two of them (13- and 16-year-olds) were declared dead, while the other girl (17) was in a serious condition and required immediate medical attention. She was rushed to Kanpur.

Anand Kulkarni, Superintendent of Police, Unnao who'd reached the spot soon after being alerted. (Source: www.thehindu.com)

The girls had left the house at 3 pm on Wednesday to collect fodder for the cattle from their family fields. It was becoming late and they were not returning; hence their family mounted a search for them. The girls were retrieved from the fields late in the evening.

The girls had froth oozing from their mouths. Superintendent of Police Sureshrao A. Kulkarni told reporters that “prima facie, it seemed like a case of poisoning, as froth was coming out from their mouths. The cause of the deaths will be clear from post-mortem report.” 6 police teams had been allotted to investigate along with a pack of sniffer dogs.

According to the reports, the oldest one, who was in a serious condition, is the aunt of the other two girls. The two girls died in the Asoha police station area of Unnao. Senior cops had rushed to the spot after they were alerted.

Chief Medical Superintendent of Unnao District Hospital Basant Bhatt told reporters, “Clinically, it appeared like a case of organ-phosphorous poisoning. The chemical is used in insecticides. Froth was coming out of her mouth and she was gasping for breath. We have intubated her to take water out of lungs.”

Now different videos are presenting different versions of the case. In one video, the brother of the struggling girl is seen to claim that the girls were found tied up with their dupattas. To this, the question arose amongst the locals that if their hands were tied then how could the victims intake poison.

Another relative added "We called out their names in the field but no one answered. Later we found them in our own field. We can't accuse anyone as we did not have any enmity with anyone.”

Police are still probing. Sources say that further investigations are yet to be done.

Chandrashekhar Azad of the Bhim Army demanded the struggling girl’s treatment be done in AIIMS, Delhi. He reported that the victims' families have already been placed under pressure by the administration. It’s his appeal to the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh to look into the gruesome case.

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