Decapitated: - a truck hits a girl after she pokes her head out of the moving bus.

(Source: India Today)

The shocking incident took place in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh on March 30. An 11-year-old girl identified as Tamanna was beheaded and killed. A truck brushed past the bus she was traveling in. With her family members, Tamanna was going to Barwah to attend the wedding ceremony. Near Roshia village on the Khandwa-Indore highway, the bus turned on a small culvert with a truck coming from the opposite side. Because of a blind spot on the road, the truck came too close to the bus and brushed against it. Unfortunately, Tamanna had her head out of the window to vomit because of nausea. As the truck crossed the bus, it crushed Tamanna’s head. She died on the spot. After the accident, the truck driver escaped. The police have registered a case of culpable homicide against the truck driver.

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