Defense Ministry signs a contract worth Rs 409 crore with a private company for 10 lakh grenades

Defense Ministry orders 10 Lakh Multi-Mode hand grenades.

On Thursday the Defence Ministry of India signed a contract worth Rs 409 crore for the supply of 10,00,000 multi-mode hand grenades, to replace a vintage design in service with the forces. The contract was signed to boost to 'Make in India', by the Acquisition Wing of Defence Ministry, with a Nagpur-based company, Economic Explosive Limited (EEL). The contract will mark a major change from the past, as earlier similar products were usually imported or were made by the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB).

The contract for the modern hand grenades supply is to be spread over a period of two years. The new multi-mode hand grenades have been designed and completely made in India. The new types of equipment are designed by the Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory of DRDO. This is the first time that a privately owned company had been contracted to supply to the armed forces. The company will supply a completely built ammunition to the Indian armed forces and will reduce the single source dependency of the OFB. It has been reported that the grenades are economically viable and less expensive than the products by the OFB.

The Grenade No 36, which is a World War II vintage design, currently being used by the army and air force in service will be replaced by the new grenades. The new grenades can be used in stun modes and fragmentation. It also has proven high usage reliability and accurate delay time.

Trials of the new MMHG will be carried out in all weather conditions by the army, which includes plains, deserts, and high altitude areas as well. The grenades come with a distinctive design and a dual-use of both offensive and defensive modes.

The MMHG has two modes: Offensive and Defensive.

The project showcases public-private partnerships under the aegis of the Indian Government, accomplishing 100 percent indigenous content along with enabling "AtmaNirbharta".

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