Delhi bus driver saves man stabbed in throat

The news is of last Saturday when the quickness of a bus driver saved a man’s life. Vikas Rao, a Cluster Scheme Bus driver spotted a bleeding youth while on duty. The youth was begging for help in the Bawana region of outer Delhi. Rao on noticing the man immediately stopped and rushed for his aid. He took down the contact details of the man with an injury to contact them and let them know about the incident.

Investigations reveal that two men, apparently friends of the victim were involved in the gruesome crime. The injured youth used to work for one of his friend’s father and he had made a decision to leave the job. This made the friend angry which made him take such a ghastly step.

Rao is usually on the Narela-Rani Khera route during the night in outer Delhi. He comes from a small district called Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan. He has just moved to Delhi about a couple of months ago. Mostly government staff and people working for late board his bus. When the time neared 12:30 am he reached near Bawana where he saw a man begging for help with blood all over him. He did not waste any time rushing to his help.

They took him on the bus. The conductor guided Rao to the nearest hospital as Rao was new to the place. On the way, they crossed a police post near Kanjhawala and informed the officials about the mishap. One of the officials accompanied them to the hospital.

By the time they reached the hospital, the victim’s family had already arrived at the hospital after getting contacted by Rao. They also brought police officials with them. The man who got hurt in the incident is Ibrahim. He is referred to Maharaja Agrasen Hospital from the hospital he was taken in Kanjhawala. He is currently stable and recovering.

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