Delhi govt. lowered the age limit for alcohol consumption

Delhi: Not 25, this time when you are 21 years old, you can give a sip in a glass of wine.

The Delhi government has made a big announcement for liquor lovers. Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said the Delhi government has decided to waive the minimum age for drinking. This time you will be allowed to drink alcohol only after 21 years.

The age limit for alcohol consumption lowered to 21. Source: Medical News Today

Until now, to buy liquor in Delhi, the buyer had to be at least 25 years old. Now the Kejriwal government is going to reduce that deadline. As a result of this decision, the government's revenue in the relevant field may increase by 20 percent, the Delhi administration thinks. Incidentally, Manish Sisodia recently formed a committee to decide on age. It is learned that the drinking age has been reduced based on the report submitted by this committee. Besides, the committee has also proposed to issue new rules for the sale of 'soft liqueur' including beer and wine.

Manish said, 'There will be no government liquor shop in Delhi. The existing government liquor shops in Delhi will be closed. He said there were no liquor shops in 69 wards of Delhi. There is only one liquor store in 45 wards. The Delhi government is taking steps to curb the black market in liquor sales, the Delhi Deputy Chief Minister said.

Incidentally, excise duty is a major source of revenue for the Delhi government. In 2019-20, the Kejriwal administration collected revenue of Rs. 5,400 crore.

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