Delhi has Vaccines only for 5-6 days, needs 2.6 More doses: CM Kejriwal

The capital Delhi’s Covid-19 vaccine stocks are rapidly depleting and therefore the Centre must guarantee adequate availability to encourage the town to inoculate all eligible beneficiaries within the next three months, Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Chief Minister, said on Saturday.

Addressing a digital conference, Kejriwal said Delhi was doing one lakh vaccinations day after day and its current vaccine stock may last for the following 5-6 days.

So far Delhi has received 40 lakh doses and another 2.6 crore doses are required if all eligible beneficiaries in Delhi are to be vaccinated in three months.

Magnifying the numbers behind the vaccine dose requirements, Kejriwal said: “Delhi’s population is about 2 crore. Of this, 1 crore people are within the 18-45 age group; 50 lakh are below the age of 18 and 50 lakh above the age of 45 years. Hence, there are almost 1.5 crore people above the age of 18. If two vaccine doses are to be administered to every of the 1.5 crore people, then our overall vaccine dose requirement is 3 crores, of which the Delhi government has already received 40 lakh doses. We need 2.6 crores more doses — about 80 to 85 lakh doses are needed monthly if we are to vaccinate everybody in three months,” he said.

If Delhi is given 80–85 lakh Covid vaccine doses per month, then all the beneficiaries may be vaccinated in three months, consistent with Kejriwal.

To vaccinate everybody in Delhi in three months, there's a desire to vaccinate 3 lakh people each day. “Currently we are inoculating one lakh people in a very day. I request the Centre to confirm the adequate availability of vaccines to Delhi. Our current stocks will last just for 5 to six days,” he said.

At a high-level meeting to review the Covid situation within the Capital, Kejriwal had on Friday directed officials to vaccinate every one eligible beneficiary against COVID-19 within the following three months.

On Saturday, Kejriwal also announced that the Delhi government will soon expand the number of faculties where vaccination is run for those within the 18 to 44 people to 300 (schools) from the present level of about 100 schools.


Meanwhile, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Saturday said at a separate conference that the capital had received 487 metric tonnes of oxygen on Friday, much less than the daily average requirement of around 700 metric tonnes.

He urged the Central Government to stay the daily supplies of oxygen, a minimum of 700 metric tonnes till the pandemic is over. “Our current demand from Delhi hospitals is around 700 MT per day. Our request to the Centre isn't to cut back the availability below this level. I'm confident that even as 730 MT was provided on May 5, the Centre would help Delhi get a minimum of 700 metric tonnes daily on a sustained basis going forward,” he said.

The Supreme Court had on Friday reminded the Centre that it had an obligation to produce a minimum of 700 MT of oxygen daily to Delhi. A Bench of Justices DY Chandrachud and MR Shah had warned the Centre from forcing the Court into taking “coercive action” against it, by reneging on its assurance in court to produce 700 metric tonnes in Delhi.

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