Delhi-NCR hit by the Western Disturbance, heavy rainfall since four consecutive days

The national capital woke up to a dark, gloomy, and cold morning, accompanied by rain, fog, and hail-storm.

Heavy fog and rains lashed parts of Delhi-NCR, for the past three days. Many regions in Delhi experienced dark skies, heavy rainfall, and hailstorm on Wednesday morning. An Indian Meteorological Department report has stated that hailstorms were seen in some areas of Delhi around 7:30 am on Wednesday, January 6. IMD has also stated that heavy rain will continue in parts of Delhi-NCR in the next two-three hours. Gurgaon's Kherki Daula village is among the many regions to have experienced heavy rains and hailstorm.

It is speculated that the temperature in Delhi and its surrounding areas will plummet in the upcoming days. The areas experienced a minimum temperature of 13°C. The maximum temperature rose to 21°C. The present temperature might drop by at least four degrees. Anand Sharma, an additional director general of IMD, mentioned that the weather will become extremely cold in those areas, as the temperature might fall to 7°C.

Scientists have mentioned that this was the harshest Western Disturbance to have passed over the region. Delhi's base station at Safdargunj, reported 4.7mm rainfall between Monday and Tuesday. Palam and Lodhi Road observatories recorded 4mm and 4.8mm respectively. While Aya Nagar weather station recorded 8mm.

IMD tweeted at 8:36 am:

The rains, under the influence of the Western Disturbance, created a severe cold wave that has gripped Delhi-NCR.

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