Delhi Rajya Sabha passes the GNCTD amendment bill amidst much uproar

The Rajya Sabha's fight over the Delhi Administrative Powers Bill has become a rehearsal for the West Bengal vote. The GNCTD Bill was passed in a referendum after a late-night debate, rioting, and fierce opposition. As a result, the administrative power of Delhi was handed over to the Lieutenant Governor. Trinamool Rajya Sabha MPs left Kolkata last night to attack the government over the whole issue. Their Rajya Sabha leader, Derek O'Brien, took the stage to discuss the bill and slammed the role of the Election Commission in West Bengal. BJP president and MP JP Nadda said the BJP was not a player who blamed the third umpire for losing.

Rajya Sabha, at last, passed the bill defending the uproars of different leaders. Source: livemint

According to political sources, the opposition will not be able to block the bill even in the Rajya Sabha in terms of numbers. Despite that, why did 6 Rajya Sabha MPs rush to Delhi in the face of votes? According to political sources, Mamata Banerjee's strategy was to send a message to Bengal by opposing the BJP side by side with West Bengal as well as other opposition parties. Derek tweeted this morning that he came to work. "Voting in five states is two days away," he said. But Trinamool Rajya Sabha MPs have flown to Delhi to thwart attempts to bring the Centre's GNCT bill. Democracy, the constitution, another knife is being put in the chest of the parliament. ”

Pointing to the Election Commission's bias in joining the Rajya Sabha debate, Derek said, "The CBI, the ED, and the Income Tax Department - these three are now Modi-Shah's new alliance. Added to this alliance there is another party. We want free and fair elections. ” Trinamool leader's statement to ADMK, TDP, BJD YSR Congress, "I am also warning you. This Modi-Shah team will one day fall behind you".

In the workplace, however, these parties leave the parliament during voting. In the words of JP Nadda, “The BJP is not a player who would blame the third umpire for the loss. He (Derek) speaks of free and fair elections. As the BJP president, we can never question the decision of the Election Commission. We don't blame EVM for losing. In fact, they are scared. ”

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