Delta Variant infecting fully vaccinated people.

Image from Live Mint.

Delta Plus Variant infecting fully vaccinated people.

Delta variant is one of the fastly increasing Covid -19 variants across the globe.

This variant is posing a ‘big threat ' to several countries currently as it is infecting even the fully vaccinated people at a faster rate.

Delta is a highly contagious SARS-COV-2 virus strain. It spreads quickly and easily from person to person. Experts are calling it to be the fastest and fittest variant so far.

According to the reports from Maharashtra officials, A 69-year-old man dies after being infected from the Delta plus variant. This is the third death from the Delta Plus variant.

The first case of death was reported on June 13 from the Ratnagiri District, Where an 80- year old woman died from the Delta Plus variant. That old woman had not taken even a single dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The second case of death was reported from Mumbai on July 27, where a 63-year-old woman with a lung infection.

She too had died fully vaccinated. She was a resident of eastern Ghatkopar. She died while undergoing treatment in an ICU.

People who were in close contact with her were also found infected with the Delta Plus variant.

India is recovering from the second deadliest Covid wave. It is very important to take full precautions like social distancing, hand sanitizing and wearing masks.

With new emerging variants of COVID, it seems that the war against the virus is not over yet.

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