Delta variant rose in China, government officials urged people to adopt an 'emergency mode'.

The world hasn't fully recovered from covid-19 yet, China is witnessing a new Delta variant outbreak in the city. This outbreak is caused by the Delta variant from overseas wu Liangyou, an official at the national health commission said at a briefing in Beijing Sunday. It has already spread to 11 provinces in the week.

Most of the people who are infected by this virus have a cross-region travel history. The government officials of Beijing asked infected people to adopt an 'emergency mode'.

The experts say the condition is going to be critical in the upcoming days.

In times like this citizens need to follow protocols and do not go out unless very urgent. China imposes new curbs on some areas as Delta variant cases are rising.

As the virus is spreading quickly among tour groups tourism has been restricted. The capital Beijing which has seen a dozen of new cases back to the Northwest has all but banned entry by people arriving from any place in the country that's reported locally transmitted covid cases. People who have to visit Beijing from these areas must provide a negative covid test conducted no longer than two days earlier, undergo two weeks of Quarantine.

On the other hand, in Asia Covid cases are slowing down some countries are Considering reopening their economies. Many companies and organizations only allow complete vaccinated employees in their company. Whereas, some are still sticking to work from home.

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