Dhapa fumes back in Kolkata with the advent of winter.

With a large area of almost 23 hectares, the Dhapa fumes are back with the advent of winter, exposing thousands of Kolkatans in the rapidly growing areas in and around the EM Bypass area.

The waste at Dhapa, the largest garbage damp of Kolkata, contains a varied amount of waste disposals, starting from plastics, polystyrene, rubber, and some similar kinds of inorganic and non-biodegradable substances which produce poisonous methane gas and particulate matter when they are set on to the fire.

Inhalation of such a degraded quality of air containing such harmful chemicals can trigger a chain of reactions.

Out of these, breathing problems top the list in addition to a variety of other diseases starting from diseases such as sexual disorientation, psychological ailments, and even cancer.

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