Dharwad's animal saviour : A messiah for thousands of voiceless

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Dharwad's Sourabh Kammar (24) is an icon and august to the animal-loving youth

Animals have been for years a sacred source of empathy, love, sympathy and have played major roles in people's life by just existing. But nowadays more than often we see videos surfing on the internet showcasing animal cruelty and helplessness only because people want to make some 'fun videos'. In these times, humans being active participants in helping these voiceless beings is nothing less than being a messiah. Sourabh Kammar aged 24, a master's degree holder in pharmacy who lives in Kalyan Nagar in Karnataka's Dharwad is one of such. Mr. Kammar who is professionally a farmer has spent almost four years on a mission to rescue stray animals and spends no day without doing so. Mr. Sourabh has recently been honored by Mrs. Anjali Maydeo Ambedkar, daughter-in-law of B.R.Ambedkar for helping the feeding the voiceless souls. The 'animal's best friend', as called in his neighborhood, has his self-made provisional shelter house to treat dogs, cats, monkeys, cows, and almost all habitual animals in his house's backyard. He stores food and medicines there and every day we can see at least a dozen or two dogs being treated in his shelter house. Mr. Sourabh exceeded in his gallantness when he treated a Russell viper, a venomous snake that was injured on the street, and set him free once he was out of danger. He also rescued an injured eagle with a broken wing and kept it until it was ready to take off again while setting a mark of real bravery by helping an understandable species. "It all started four years back when I saw an injured puppy lying on the road. I took him home and treated him and my studies helped me as I was also a pharmacy graduate. Ever since then I've pledged to help the needy voiceless no matter where I go." Said Mr. Kammar. Mr. Sourabh uses almost all of his income for food and medicines to treat the injured animals. He states that 70% treatment is done by his wealth and 30% comes in charity and says the donation can help him in a way better way "There has been a gradual increase in animal cruelty, or maybe we can see it now because of social media, but I've seen people disowning their pets only because they are ill. These are the times where they need us the most". He continued speaking with us.

He further urges people to not disown their pets who are wholly dependent on them for food and shelter. "I resolve to dedicate my life to stray animals and also urge people to help when they are in need". He added. Mr. Kammar lives on the quote "How it is that animals understand things I do not know, but they do certainly understand. Perhaps there is a language that is not made of words and everything in the world understands it. Perhaps there is a soul hidden in everything and it can always speak, without even making a sound, to another soul." By Frances Hodgson Burnett. He loves traveling alone but he makes sure wherever he goes, he carries all the requirements to treat the animals with him. Mr. Kammar has rescued at least 3000 animals by now and is on a mission to save more.

In such a busy world, Mr. Kammar chooses to make strays his priority and dedicates his life to their uncertain situations. Team Truth Spoken is definite that he is in the prayers of all.

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