Dhaula Kuan Gang Rape Convict on Parole: Arrested for 12 ATM Break-ins

According to police reports, the accused had been previously convicted of 16 criminal cases.

A 34 year- old man named Shamshad was arrested on Monday for 12 ATM break-ins that he committed with his associates. Shamshad aka Khutkan was allegedly convicted for the infamous Dhaula Kuan gang rape case of 2010. He had been granted parole in April 2020 due to the decongestion of the jail.

He was arrested near Gokalpuri Metro Station where he went to meet his associate. Shamshad open fired on the police in the metro station. But, no one was hurt as he missed his shot. Later the police managed to overpower and capture him before he could fire again.

During the interrogation, Shamshad confessed that he had been out on parole. This parole was extended up to February 2021 due to the pandemic. But even after that, he failed to be present at police premises.

Meanwhile, being on his parole, Shamshad had joined a Mewat-based gang of robbers. They had broken into 12 ATM outlets and stolen cash that amounted to 1.35 lakhs. The robbers used to paint the CCTVs black. Then they violated the machines using a gas cutter to remove the cash cabin.

According to police reports, Shamshad had been previously convicted of 16 criminal cases. These included gang rape, attempt to murder, abduction, arms act, and smuggling.

On November 23, 2010, Shamshad had engaged in a gang rape with four of his associates. They had abducted a 30-year-old woman and raped her in a running vehicle. But Shamshad and his gang were arrested within two weeks of the happening. The woman’s friend who had escaped the abduction led to their arrest. On December 6, 2010, all five men were under police custody. The court had ordered a sentence of life imprisonment for the five men.

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