Dilip Ghosh's exclusive interview on the ongoing elections

Dilip Ghosh expressed his opinions in an interview with INDIA TODAY about the ongoing elections and the position of BJP in it.

Dilip Ghosh has been barred from campaigning for 24 hours by the Election Commission for his “highly provocative and inciteful remarks” about the Sitalkuchi incident where four villagers were killed in firing by central forces and one person was killed by unknown miscreants while coming out after casting their votes. None of the incidents have caused him to worry, rather he is confident that the BJP will win 215 seats.

When questioned about his assessment he said that the public mandate is more important than what the satta markets are saying. He added that BJP at the end of the month will reach 200 seats.

According to him, this time Mamata Banerjee will not be able to separate herself from the party as she did the last time. She had failed in many things, such as syndicate raj, cut money menace, corruption over Amphan relief package distribution. She tried to gain sympathy votes but Ghosh says that the people have lost their faith in her and want a change.

On being asked if the rumors of Mamata's loss from Nandigram true, he agreed to that and said that she will lose even from Bhowanipore, the place where she lives.

Ghosh was skeptical of the artists and intellectuals of Kolkata and said he would rub them the wrong way. He welcomed them to politics and asked why they could not be seen anymore. He said those who have joined the Trinamool Congress party will lose and the ones on their side will win.

When asked if it is his strength or weakness to speak so openly, uttering questionable words, he said that he speaks his mind and does not like hypocrisy. He grieved that the number of people with a spine has come down and said that most are fake, weak, and fearful.

When asked if he heard the song "we will stay in this country only" sung by a group of artists against fascist forces, he said that their films do not sell and like coal mafia, sand mafia, etc films are also run by a mafia.

When questioned if Abhinetas(actors) can be netas(politicians), he said that most do not last in politics despite the fact that people get excited when they see film stars out campaigning. He said one should understand the ideology of the party and attend the parliament.

He was indirectly asked if he is going to be the chief minister, he said it depended on the party and he was happy his party gave him such a big role to play.

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