Disabled child killed by family in Karnataka

In a small district of Karnataka, a two-year-old differently-abled girl was killed by her own family by being pushed into a well. The atrocious act was carried out by the girl’s grandmother and great-grandmother at Kanakapura in the Ramanagara district.

The girl child had disabled limbs and could not speak. The reports say that the parents could not arrange the cost required to get treatment for the girl. The parents of the deceased child B Shankar and K Manasa have been detained. Jayaratnamma and J Bhadramma, the child’s grandmother and great-grandmother have also been taken into custody.

The elders who pushed the girl to her death are homemakers whereas the parents work at a chemical factory in Harohalli industrial area. The couple admitted during interrogation that they could not afford her medical bill which used to come around 10000 rupees per month. Investigations reveal that the couple was worried about her future as the doctors said that the girl would be disabled for her life. The fear of her being helpless and left alone when they are gone pushed the couple to take such a dreadful step.

Further interrogations revealed that the girl’s grandmother and great-grandmother took the child to farmland on the 8th of March in the morning. The farmland was 6 km away. They took the child to a well and pushed her to her death. The couple who were in on the plan left for their work early that day. The body was found the next day floating in the water by some villagers who informed the police. The police on arrival helped the body out which the villagers identified immediately.

The couple claimed that the child got kidnapped by someone earlier. A village priest reportedly saw the house elders taking the child somewhere in the morning of 8th March and then returning without the child. Later the parents confessed to performing such a horrendous act. All the four accused got detainment and actions are being taken against them.

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