Disabled dog gets a new hope in life via a robot.

The news agency, ANI interviewed Milind Raj - the mastermind behind the creation of the robot.

A deaf and blind dog got a new outlook towards life after a man built a robot to take care of it. Milind Raj, a resident of Lucknow and a robot enthusiast is the brain behind this. He rescued the dog during the lockdown and brought him home.

On taking the dog to the vet, he was informed about its traumatic state. He also found out that it was handicapped - blind and deaf. He says, "...so I build a robot which feeds and monitors him, in my absence." The robot feeds the dog at regular intervals when Raj is not present.

He felt the need of creating a robot because it feared the proximity of human beings.

The dog was reportedly beaten by people in such a cruel way which caused severe injuries leading to its disabilities. The dog was in trauma and afraid of all humans, including Raj.

Tweet by ANI.

After 7 months of protection, the condition of Jojo (rescued dog) improved. The vet also stated that its eyesight can be back with the help of regular medication.

Raj added, "The robots serve food, monitors its health, and takes care of the daily routine of Jojo. This is a rare and special bond between technology and life."

Walkers and wheelchairs for pets with disabilities are a common sight. Pet lovers often adopt canines that have health problems. Dogs with arthritis or hip and joint issues are usually seen with mobility aids.

A resident of Gomtinagar, Milind Raj is also known as the "Drone Man" of India. He had made drone sanitizers when the pandemic broke out. The drone can carry 7-10 liter of sanitizer spray. It can be operated remotely.

He was also awarded by the former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

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