Do or Die; Facebook, Twitter, etc social media platforms ban by tomorrow in India.

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MIETY (Ministry of electronics and information technology) on 25 February 2021 issued guidelines for digital media - Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc, and OTT (over the top)series such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. As the users are consistently complaining about the abuses and inappropriate content.

1. The primary intention for the guideline was not to promote nude photos, disrespect to the dignity of women, sensational hooks, excessive drug uses, sexism, race, violence, etc. as these are inappropriate for the lower level viewer.

2. sovereignty of our own country over-friendly relation with foreign countries, hatred of court decisions, etc.

3. The safety of the state and reading information about the current situation in terms to facilitate violence.

4. According to the fundamental duties: not using the word which is against the person's self-esteem nor impolite.

The administration gave three months to all the social media platforms to abide by the rules by sending three tiers of grievance to the user respectively and also to kick start this guideline within the next 3 months.

Unfortunately, the guideline ended this day 25, May 2021, and social media platforms cannot complete the guidelines.

Current scenario:

In India, there are 53 crores WhatsApp users, 44.8 crores YouTube users, 41 crores Facebook subscribers, 21 crores Instagram clients, 1.75 crores on Twitter.

Koo platform is one of the most obedient ones, with 60 lakh active users who have appointed residents grievance officers, a chief compliance officer, and a nodal contact person to date. With the sign of community guidelines with its users.

17 OTT has also been adopted the guidelines issued by the government yet.

Here is the response provided by the various social media platforms:

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Source: Representative of Facebook

There are many more issues that need to be talked over with the administration.

Facebook remains determined to freely express its thoughts on its platform.

The same goes for Twitter.

Many other platforms statement:

They will straightforward ask the main global headquarters in the U.S. who on their own will appoint “expert assessment" thanks, Indian to be the most massive users and providing huge profitable revenue.

Hence, they are still not paying Lil’s attention to the newly created guidelines.

The output leads to this commitment:

top officials officers responded:

If any of the social media sites would not abide by the rules, then they will lose their right to protection and its medium. They will also be liable for criminal action as per the constitution of India.

New policy

1. Appoint a resident of India as a chief compliance officer who would be responsible for the violence of the rules and regulations.

2. A nodal contact person(citizen of India) touched on the laws.

3. Appoint an Indian as a resident grievance officer who will immediately process the grievance to the particular law-violating individual within 24 hours and again a grievance addressing 15 days later.

4. With the complaint of nudity and disrespectful nature, sexual act, etc against any citizen the media must remove the material within 24 hours.

5. Must have verification of every user.

6. Must ban individual accounts if asked by the court.

OTT /and digital media guidelines

1. Must give details of the content published.

2. Grievance redress system.

3. Self-regulatory body must have a retired HC or SC judge.

The government introduced" a grievance portal’’ for citizens to register to complain, which is directly linked to the court.

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