Doctors’ association calls out VIP culture in government hospitals in letter to Prime Minister

Federation of All India Medical Association expressed concern on separate VIP counters in government hospitals for politicians, says no place for doctors to go, who are at forefront of the fight against Covid. Source- The Print

The Federation of All India Medical Association (FAIMA), an organization of doctors, has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressing their concerns about the prevailing “VIP culture” in government hospitals amid the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

VIP Counters

In a letter to the PM on Monday, the association noted that there are distinct VIP counters at several Centre-run government hospitals that provide Covid testing facilities only to politicians and ministers. “But doctors have no separate counter for testing,” the letter read. The letter also said that there were no facilities for doctors working on the frontline when they tested positive while the “priority is given to politicians and their party workers who have held rallies and increased the spread of the virus."

The letter was signed by FAIMA President Dr. Rakesh Bagdi, Vice-President Dr. Amarnath Yadav, and General Secretary Dr. Subrankar Datta.

Politicians affecting Manpower in Hospitals

According to the association, even with a VIP counter, a large number of politicians call doctors to their homes for check-ups and testing. “Majority of the politicians call doctors at their residence which has no legal order from the medical Superintendent but is carried out informally,” the letter said.

For this, it added, they call on doctors working in government hospitals, which in turn further reduces the medical manpower available. Thus, the association strongly opposed the prevalence of this VIP culture and requested the Prime Minister to “look into the matter seriously”, in the letter.

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