Dogs smells the corona virus

At the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport of Finland, sniffer dogs are being used to detect the Covid-19. The travelers arriving at the airport are offered a voluntary coronavirus test, with no uncomfortable nasal swab done by a dog in just 10 seconds.

As a part of the pilot program, aimed to detect the coronavirus using the sweat collected on wipes from the landed passengers, a kennel of sniffing canines began to work at the Finnish airport from Wednesday, September 23.

After arriving, the passengers are invited to wipe their necks to collect sweat samples and leave the wipes in a box. That box is placed behind a wall, beside cans of different scents by a dog trainer and a dog then does the work. If a passenger is signaled positive by the dog, he/she is directed to the airport's health center for a free virus test.

Researchers in Finland said that using dogs could prove cheaper, faster, and more effective than saliva screenings, temperature checks, and nasal swabs to detect the virus and the entire process takes just a minute to be completed.

If the pilot program proves to be successful, it could be said the fate of a country rests upon a dog.

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