A special team of investigation [SIT] has arrested 28 out of 33 accused of a 15-year-old girl in Dombivli under the section of the Indian penal code [IPL]

A 15-year-old girl was raped by 33 rapists several times. The main accused Vijay Fuke was her boyfriend who raped her in January and made a video. He used video to blackmail her to had sex with their friend. Every accused raped the girl at different places such as Dombivli, Murbad, and Badlapur in the Thane district.

After some time, the girl's aunt helped her to overcome the situation . she has gone to a social worker. On Wednesday, six rapists called the victim at a lodge in Murbad. Her aunt and social worker also followed her but unfortunately, the auto tire got punctured midway, victim had shared the live location so they called the officer who was with them. The police reached the lodge and immediately arrest 2 people while 4 has already left. No one comes from the political background

Now 28 rapist has arrested. Commissioner of Police Datta Karle said “Assistant commissioner of police (administration) Sonali Dhole will head the SIT,”

Thane guardian minister Eknath Shinde said “The incident of gang rape on a minor girl in Dombivli is extremely unfortunate, reprehensible and a blot on humanity. I have spoken to the Thane Police commissioner and issued instructions to arrest whoever is involved in the offense. In order to ensure that there are no repeats of such a grave crime, not only will the accused be punished in the strictest way possible, but instructions have also been given to handle every single complaint of crimes against women speedily and strictly.

Soon the Chief Minister is going to fix a meeting with the police and minister for the security of the women and girls. Day by day, the no of rape cases is increasing in Maharashtra.

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