Domestic Violence A Global Parasite

According to the WHO 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 of men worldwide have experienced domestic violence to some extent. It may vary from psychological to physical violence. The accusers are mostly the in-laws and intimate partners.

Women are much likely to get encounter such violations rather than men. Though it can't be claimed that victims of domestic violence are only women. Men are also abused and face domestic violence in heterosexual or homosexual relationships. The only difference is they don't get recognition as the victims.

The foundation of domestic violence is forbearance. Whether it's about men or women bearing such prejudices always encourages the accuser. If the victim decides to face off instead of getting subdued, the case count might fall.

Supporting gender equality is just a mass pretense very few actually advocate it. Women often get victimized because somehow they've inbuilt a stereotypical view of being submissive to men. They believe men have the right as well the power to perform accordingly to their will. And men concur the situation due to embarrassment, fear that they won’t be believed, or scared that their partner might take revenge as, lawsuits support women majorly.

This has to stop. "Stop Nonsense, Stop Domestic Violence"

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