Dozens of kids got abducted from Islamic School in Northern Nigeria

Image source: Al-Jazeera An armed gang abducted dozens of students from an Islamic seminary in the north-central Nigerian state of Niger on Sunday, police and state government officials said. Some 200 children were at the school at the time of Sunday’s attack, the Niger state government said on Twitter, adding that “an unconfirmed number” had been taken. According to reports, police, Waisiu Abiodun, said the attackers arrived on motorbikes, before abducting the kids from Salihi Tanko Islamic School, pulled their trigger, in Tegina town which led to the killing of a resident and injuring other. The school’s owner, Abubakar Tegina, who claims to be an eyewitness and lives approximately 150 meters away from the school said in a phone interview, “I personally saw between 20 and 25 motorcycles with heavily armed people. They entered the school and went away with about 150 or more of the students”. The incident took place right after a day, where 14 students from the university in North-Western Nigeria got freed after 40 days in captivity. One of the school officials, who wish to remain anonymous, confirmed the abduction of 100+ students, but few kids between the age of 4-12 were sent back. The state government, in a series of tweets, said the attackers had released 11 of the pupils who were “too small and couldn’t walk” very far. The government further mentioned in the Twitter thread that governor Sani Bello had directed “security agencies to bring back [the] children as soon as possible”.

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