Dr Anthony S. Fauci on India’s Covid Crisis.

source: Hindustan Times.

The chief medical advisor of the Biden administration- Dr. Anthony S. Fauci who has worked with seven US presidents spoke only to the Indian Express.

"Immediate shut down for a few weeks."

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, one of the covid's most trusted global voices said that no nation likes to lock itself down but an immediate shutdown for a few weeks could put an end to the cycle of transmission in India.

Fauci said that,

It just seems to me that, right now, India is in a very difficult and desperate situation. I just got off to preview for this interview, I watched a clip from CNN… it seems to me it’s a desperate situation. So when you have a situation like that, you’ve got to look at the absolute immediate.

It is important for half the population of India to get at least vaccinated. It's essential, however, will not ease the major problem of people needing oxygen, hospitalization, and medical care. That will not be fixed because vaccinating people today are going to take a few weeks before they prevent other people from getting sick.

“I think the most important thing in the immediate is to get oxygen, get supplies, get medication, get PPE, those kinds of things but also, one of the immediate things to do is to essentially call a shutdown of the country,” said Dr. Fauci, who is the chief medical advisor to the Biden administration.

The past few days have been difficult for India since the second wave of coronavirus has been wrecking Havoc, infecting lakhs and killing thousands. Lack of medical facilities including oxygen has led to the death of many people. There have been many cases where families had to arrange oxygen for the patients, as they cannot get admission in hospitals.

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