DRDO: Extended Range Pinaka Rocket system successfully tested at Pokhran Range.

India has successfully tested the Extended Range Pinaka, Pinaka-ER multi-barrel Rocket launcher system at the Pokhran Range today, said (DRDO), Defence Research Development organisation.

It is said to be the upgraded version of previous Pinaka rocket. it has also been designed by DRDO.

From the last three months, many trials have been conducted by DRDO with Army like performance evaluation trials of the industry produced rockets at firing ranges and rockets were fired at different ranges with various warhead capabilities.

The Pinaka MLRS has been successfully developed by two DRDO laboratories in Pune - Armament Research & Development Establishment and High Energy Material Research Laboratory in partnership with two private-sector firms, L&T and Tata power company LTD.

The efficiency of the Pinaka Rockets was first demonstrated during the Kargil war in 1999, due to an underdeveloped system that caused havoc when it was fired at a Pakistani infiltrator's position.

The Enhanced pinaka has demonstrated a range of 75 km and an ability to strike within 10 meters of where it is aimed, it will certainly help Army to destroy a terrorist camp at ease or an enemy post, logistics dump or headquarters, without needing to send soldiers across the border.

In 2016, Army asked the DRDO to provide a guidance kit to each rocket. ARDE took up the 'Enhanced Pinaka' project, which has made the Pinaka a world-class rocket.

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