E-auction of wine shops in Rajasthan

Out of the 7,665 wine shops in the state, an e-auction of 3,572 wine shops has been done in the first phase which will continue till March 10.

E-auction of wine shops in Rajasthan is not only witnessing an average of over 30 percent higher bidding than the base price but also unexpected bidding of ₹510 crores for a wine shop carrying the base price of ₹70.70 lakhs.

As per the report, The base price of a wine shop in Hanumangarh district's Nohar was 72.70 lakh and it was sold for ₹65 lakh in a lottery last year but the e-auction for the first time in the state has changed the fortunes of this wine shop which has received the highest bid of ₹510 crores.

CR Dewasi, the additional commissioner said, "the e-auction for the wine shops started three days ago whereby one Kiran Kanwar of Nohar got the wine shop in ₹510 crore bid which is nearly 708 times more than the base price."

He also said, "We have sent demand notice to the bidder who has to deposit two percent of the bidding amount within three days otherwise his allotment will be canceled."

He added, "If the bid winner does not deposit the money then the security deposit of over lakh will be forfeited."

Nohar only as one wine shop in Churu district was sold in a bid of ₹11 crores whereas another shop in Jaipur's Sanganer was sold in an e-auction for ₹8.91 crores.

Dewasi said, "Similarly, three wine shops in Sujangarh region of Churu district were sold for ₹10 crores in an e-auction while another was sold for ₹11.60 crores. Two shops in Hanumangarh district were also sold for ₹11 crores each, although the base price of most of these shops was between ₹1-2 crores only."

He added, “E-auction of the wine shops is the reason behind high bidding for wine shops."

On being asked about the average bid in the e-auction, CR Dewasi said, "The average bid is around 30 percent higher than the base price. The base price has been calculated by adding 10 percent in previous year's reserve price."

He said, "the department got revenue of ₹700-800 crores on the set reserve price and later earned revenue of ₹10,500 crores in the last financial year, even when the liquor shops remain closed for a month due to Covid-19. He said now they are expecting ₹13,000 crores revenue."

He added, "Out of the 7,665 wine shops in the state, e-auction of 3,572 wine shops has been done in the first phase which will continue till March 10."

As per the new excise policy of the government of Rajasthan, now liquor shop allotment will be done through e-auction instead of the earlier system of a lottery.

The aspirants will have to deposit non-refundable application fees between ₹40,000 to ₹2 lakh depending on the reserve price of liquor shops which is between ₹50 lakh to ₹2 crores.

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