Elvis Presley: an era, an ideal.

"Truth is like the Sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away"- Elvis Presley.

Elvis Aaron Presley, better known as Elvis Presley was a popular American singer and actor who was famed as the king of "Rock and Roll" in the mid-1950s. He grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi. He then moved to Memphis as a teenager as soon as his sent auditioned tape was responded by producer Sam Philips at Sun Records, and thus his journey begins.

A band formed with Presley, Scotty Moore, the guitarist and Bill Black, the bassist. Presley already had an ostentatious personality with clothing combinations too shiny and wild and a long greased back hair but when the band began playing blue's singer Arthur ("Big Boy") Crudup's song "That's All Right Mama" in the July of 1954, he flourished.

With his release of the fifth "Mystery Train", it controversially became his greatest record and a national hit by August 1955. He gathered a weighty Southern following for his recording. He also did many lives in many roadhouses and clubs and on radio channels as well. He became popular widely.

Presley dominated from 1956 through 1958, escorting the age of rock and roll and unlocked doors for more White as well as Black rock culture artists. He began to create a national sensation with his hit series- "Heartbreak Hotel", "Love Me Tender", "All Shook Up" and many more. He became the teen ideal of the decade. Everywhere he went, he was greeted and applauded by screaming masses of women. Presley also inspired a thousand musicians including- Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Prince.

Presley also had an exclusive collection of cars and motorbikes. Some of which are presented below:

Presley inspired his audience widely. Millions and millions of people, like a generation or two, adored him for his sense of personal style and ambition. He was loved by all and those who did not find him idolizing did not see him as ignorable. He was also held responsible for teenage hoodlum and yet in every appearance on television, he was soft-spoken, polite and almost shy. It was only with the band at his back and beat in his ears he became "Elvis the Pelvis".

During his lifetime, Elvis Presley registered 14 Grammy nominations. He won three awards for the Gospel recordings "How great Art Thou", "He Touched Me" and for the live recording of "How Great Art Thou". The singer was also the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1971.

"He Touched Me" was first recorded by The Imperials, which Presley heard and then wanted to record it himself. On May 5, 1971, he recorded it along with The Imperials as his backup singers and then the record was released as a single. It then became the title track of his 1972 Grammy Award-winning album "He Touched Me".

But however, his shows deteriorated in the final two years of his life and thus his recordings came to a halt. He started to live like a misanthrope and stuffed himself with greased food and prescription drugs. He died at the age of 42, due to a heart attack brought solely by drug abuse, in the summer of 1977.

After his death, Graceland remains one of the country's top tourist attractions. Every 16th of August, flocks of people gather in Graceland to honour him on his death anniversary. As time passed by rumours clubbed up stating that his death was faked to free him from fame. Although he remains triumphant and his triumph is shadowed by something far.

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