Essential To Remove Gender Stereotypes

Even if we claim to have made significant progress, gender stereotypes continue to prevail in the deepest cracks of society. Movements are launched now and again to celebrate Feminism as a notion. However, it is difficult to ascertain the number of people actually living up to these ideologies. The solidarity has to be real and effective.

As far as US research says, girls under the age of six believe being smart is only a male trait. They are hesitant even to play games as they think that games are only made for the smartest people. The preconceived ideas of societal norms have set arbitrary roles for the male and the female.

The female is supposed to be the house caretaker. She’s supposed to be the birth-giver. Looking after the household, performing daily chores, and putting her family’s needs ahead of hers entails her “pious” existence. The male is supposed to be the earner. He is the independent, ambitious, adventurer of the family. While the female has to toil behind maintaining her timid attractiveness, the male can be assertive and opinionated.

The physical and biological differences between a male and a female are undeniable. But the unrealistic expectations and intellectual barriers separating both cannot be accepted. “Pink for girls, blue for boys”, “Girls will be girls”, “Boys will be boys”- such beliefs are fine until they stifle personal traits or talents that could lead to individual growth. Saddling such ideas on next generations will only result in the persistence of problems that engulf us even in the present times. It will weigh them down mentally, curb their personal growth and create angst towards a normal life.

“Life is not a competition between men and women. It is a collaboration.” –David Alejandro

The ways of tackling stereotypes have to be impactful. It has to start at an early age and it has to start at home. Parents can make children see that stereotypes are not the normal goal that they should try to achieve. Children need to see the flaws in the culture that promotes sexism and gender disparity. Young ones should know that their inabilities are only due to a lack of “social acceptance”.

Advertising industries also play a crucial role in this regard. Ads can ensure the portrayal of women in positive, independent scenarios. The ethnicity of women in their own skin should be appreciated. It is imperative that the beauty of women is enjoyable to themselves. Their abilities are to be encouraged and ads are an efficient way to do that.

The "un-stereotyping" can also happen in the workplace. The avoidance of an unconscious bias can be the first step towards doing so. Steps for removing these stereotypes can also be taken from the recipient’s end. Females need to be assertive about their requirements. Hesitation will only lead to further discomfort. Knowing their strengths can make them stronger. Together forming a strong collaborative female association can also be useful for combating stereotypes.

There is no reason why women can be forbidden in any aspect of professionalism. It’s all about their own realization and their courage to inculcate it in society. A woman can strive to achieve as high as a man does, or higher. As they say, the sky is the limit!

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