European Union denies Covishield vaccine holders to enter their country.

Reference basis- business today


The Serum Institute of India (SII) issued AstraZeneca popularly known as Covishield in India as a vaccine. WHO(World Health Organization) and UKMHRA (United Kingdom’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) accepted this vaccine. It is one of the most worn-out vaccine doses in India.

A conflict arose over the quality of this vaccine -

All the travelers who travel to European Union (E.U.) are disqualified for entrance in their own country. Hence, innocent people are facing turmoil.

Assurance of the CEO of serum institution of India- Adar Poonawalla tweet on June 28.'

Twitter account -

I took issues against the EU for not condoning the Covishield as healthcare. I have taken diplomatic and regular activity from our side. I assure every vaccine holder to remain self-reliant towards our product. We will approach the highest level.

I hope EMA (European medical agency) will allow the “Green pass” within 2-3 weeks. “Green pass” was allowed on June 27. From 1st July, we will permit the entrance of passengers.

Finally, all the Covishield vaccine holders are free to travel.

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