Evolvement of social media platform and its reducing privacy concerns.

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The Drop-in audio social networking site Clubhouse is gaining popularity in India with an emerging figure of 2.6 million users, which made organizations like the Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) the Indian Digital Rights Advocacy Group of India dive deep into its privacy policy and has raised the concern of privacy which has led to spread of hate, casteism, and disinformation.

Built with a feature of drop-in and drop-out, this audio-only social networking platform allows its users to create a free and open conversation by indulging in any discussions they want with people globally. It also allows user to host a conversation and also allows them to walk into any room and be a part of any discussions they're interested in. With these features, it also allows people to link their other social media accounts, so that it can collect the personal information you share on these apps. It also uses the same feature of unfollow and follow like Instagram and the people following you, get notified whenever you use this app. According to IFF, this app asks a lot of information like name, contact details, phone numbers, IP address, device name, OS, frequency and duration of your use and even collects contact number from your contact list who are not using the platform.

Undermining users' privacy, it acts against the principle of data minimization and it has been told that it shares the information of users with third parties and government agencies like Narcotics and Intelligence Bureau for monitoring the conversation without the consent. This app also claims that it records the conversation of users for investigation purposes, but this process lacks clarity and for this IFF has sought clarity from Home Ministry through RTI. The STANDFORD INTERNET OBSERVATORY has recently accused clubhouse for sharing of data with a Chinese company, which provides the app with back-end support. The lack of privacy policy of the app has led to spread of casteism and communal hate and disinformation.

IFF has urged the app authorities to adopt a new measure of policymaking to preserve the privacy of the users and to conduct a complete human rights audit to examine how this app is respected and complying with the privacy information policy. This will cause hate, casteism and disinformation to be in check and will also permit this app to broaden the socio-cultural relation between communities to strengthen.

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