Excess Rain In South Gujarat Damages Paddy Crop, Farmers Stare At Losses.

Gujarat received heavy rainfall this year.

Due to excessive rainfall, several districts in south Gujarat has led to stagnating floodwaters in farmlands. Farmers are facing huge losses of over ₹100 crores, said Jayesh Patel, president of the Gujarat Khedut Samaj. The paddy crops are affected severely.

The two main crops of south Gujarat are paddy and sugarcane The total paddy crop is approximately worth ₹500 crores. Because of heavy rainfall this year, water is stagnating in the fields which is not good for farming. This has incurred a loss of around 20 to 25 percent which would equate to approximately ₹100 crore to ₹125 crores,” Mr. Patel added. Tanay Desai, a farmer from Surat district said that he had faced a loss of ₹30,000 to ₹35,000 crore due to the accumulation of water in his field.

The farmers appealed the Government to provide financial aid to make up their losses. Desai said, “We demand that government conducts a survey of losses incurred and provided assistance to the affected farmers.”

Several parts of Gujarat have faced a flood-like situation this monsoon due to the heavy rainfall. Earlier in September, three districts of Bharuch, Narmada, and Vadodara received heavy rainfall. Nearly 9,000 people had to be shifted after the water level of the Narmada river rose drastically.

A total of 12 deaths related to rainfall has been reported.

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