External affair Minister Jaishankar added “Where is the responsibility of big tech firms

Jaishankar calls for debate against the responsibility, accountability of big tech companies. Today he mentioned the responsibility and accountability that cannot brush under the carpet.

Figure: Jaishankar calls for debate against big tech companies (Source: Inshorts)

Jaishankar's comment brought huge tension in the middle of American social media and Indian authorities. Social platforms like Twitter on a wide range of issues, including the latest protocols of IT.

Former British prime minister Tony Blair at the India Global Forum stated, “vigorous debate on big technology firms is going on in India like in various parts of the world, also adding nobody denies that they are “forces of progress”.

Without mentioning any particular firm, Jaishankar mentioned, “In a democratic society, we have to ask ourselves...big tech is there, it’s very visible in my life. You have a big presence [but] where is the responsibility which comes with it? They have huge power, where is the accountability?”

Former British prime minister Tony Blair highlighted another issue is the digital divide, as several individuals detached with access to technology. He also mentioned to focus on the power of China in the tech sphere.

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