Facebook sued for spying on Instagram users through phone cameras

Facebook or Spybook?

Facebook, the popular american social media company is again being sued for allegedly spying on the users of Instagram. It has been reported that this time it allegedly spied through the unauthorized use of the mobile phone cameras of Instagram users.

Earlier a photo-sharing app was accused of accessing iPhone cameras. Facebook denied the reports and blamed it all on a bug, which according to them was correcting, for triggering false notifications that Instagram was accessing iPhone cameras.

An Instagram user Brittany Conditi contends in the complaint filed in the federal court of San Francisco on Thursday, that Facebook's use of the camera was done purposely for collecting valuable and lucrative data on its user's which was otherwise unaccessible.

They could also access extremely private and personal data of the users, which also included privacy if their houses.

According to the complaint, by obtaining these social media companies are able to collect insights and valuable market research. As this complaint was issued and Facebook was accused of spying, it declined to comment on the incident.

Facebook was also accused of using the facial-recognition technology for illegally harvesting the biometric data of more than 100 million users of Instagram, the last month, but it denied that claim as well by saying that Instagram doesn't use any face recognition technology.

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