Alex faced discrimination due to gender problems.

ANI quoted her saying, "I withdrew because I am facing stigma, gender discrimination, and sexual harassment from the Democratic Social Justice Party. They are trying to play with me to get more publicity. They had some plans and reasons for putting me in the front."

Source: Republic World.

The first transgender candidate to contest for the Kerala Assembly Election gave up as the Democratic Social Justice Party (DSJP) nominee after facing alleged stigma, gender discrimination, and sexual harassment from her own party member.

Alex, who was in the poll fray from the Vengara constituency in the Malappuram district, said she filed a police complaint against the DSJP and the leaders who harassed her. She also appealed to voters to not vote for the party.

While appealing to the people to not vote for the regressive party, she said, "Don't vote for DSJP. I am not a part of DSJP anymore. Officially, I am not the party's candidate. I have stopped my campaigning in Vengara. I faced sexual harassment, verbal harassment, and gender harassment. My health is not in a good situation. Hope, I will get justice soon," she said.

Annanyah, 28-year-old, has ceased her election campaign even though the last date for withdrawal of nomination papers has already passed.

She claimed it compelled her to talk bad things against PK Kunhalikutty, who is the candidate in the Vengara constituency from the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML). It forced her to talk badly about the present government. She was compelled to wear a 'pardah' or a 'burkha' at campaigning time. A few party members threatened her they will spoil her career.

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