Fake Call Center busted in South Delhi's Mehrauli region

A fake call center was busted in the Mehrauli region of South Delhi. 25 employees arrested along with their boss, Kamal Dass. Source- NDTV

Call Centre scammers are not uncommon in India. Almost every day there is a new group of scammers coming up on the news. Today, the Delhi Police arrested such a group of twenty-five scammers. These twenty-five scammers duped as US nationals from a fake call center. According to the Delhi Police, the call center was set up in Saidullajab. It is in the Mehrauli region of South Delhi.

The scammers duped as US nationals and used to call people and ask them for a membership fee. Over the call, they posed as officials from the US government who would provide grants. They asked for the fee in exchange for grants for unemployed and handicapped persons.

The 25 employees along with their boss, Kamal Dass have been arrested by the Delhi Police. The Police conducted a raid and after that these scammers were arrested.

These scammers used a fake profile and called potential targets based in the US.

They spoofed the calls using the internet. During interrogation, Dass disclosed details about how they got their target list. He told the police that they got details of their potential targets from certain sources. After that, they would brief one employee from their group. Thereafter, they planned a strategy of how they can dupe them.

Atul Kumar Thakur, the Deputy Police Commissioner of Police said that the scammers used to pose as US government officials. He said, " They asked them to pay membership fees. They did it on the pretext of providing US government grants. They claimed to pay this grant for unemployed and handicapped persons. Once the victim paid the amount, they stopped attending their calls."

When asked about how the scammers received their payments, he said that the victims were asked to buy things online. It could be Google Play cards, eBay Gift cards, and Amazon Gift Cards.

After the victim bought it, the scammers asked them to share the coupon code. This was the way they encased the cards. The employees sent these coupon codes to their 'sources'. After that, they used to receive the amount through bank transfers or cash payments.

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