Farmers rally served with tear gas and laathi charge in first hour of Republic Day

On the first hours of Republic day, thousands of farmers crashed down barricades and break cemented barriers and clashed with police, and entered Delhi to continue their tractor rally.

The disarray took place after the protestors were lathi-charged and tear-gassed by police at the borders. The chaos caused as the rally proceeded before the time given.

The farmers had been given permission to start rally right after annual parade ends, but then the crowd proceeds at the border at 8am before the parade took place. In central Delhi, a police bus was hijacked as per the reports.

50,000 protesters seemed to be gathered at distinct points of Delhi Borders. In west Delhi the protestors claimed their rally to be peaceful and will begin with the assigned routes only.

In the Nangloi area, police seemed to fire tear gas shells from and over bridge and protesters threw stones in return. In other parts flower petals being showered on protesters. A huge number of farmers marched on foot holding flags of different farmer unions and raised slogans and the tractors arrayed with Indian flags. Some were seen riding on motorcycles and horses too.

On Sunday, the Delhi cops had permitted the tractor rally after the annual parade of Republic day. The protestors were asked not to disturb the Republic day celebrations and the farmers claimed their rally to be peaceful.

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