Farmers' Union apologise for the inconvenience, blocking roads not their aim

Sankyukta Kisan Morcha, the farmers' outfit who are agitating against the centre's three new farm bills with 40 farmers' unions for three weeks, issued an apology on Monday.

With the help of Sankyukta Kisan Morcha, many farmer's outfits are also staging dharnas over the bills. Delhi's Singhu, Ghazipur and Tikri borders and now the border joining Rajasthan and Haryana have been closed.

Farmers are sitting on dharna at these various locations.

Being aware of the discomfort caused to the general public due to route closures, farmer unions have decided to print a pamphlet. The pamphlet is an effort by farmers to apologise to the general public while keeping their demands front and centre.

The pamphlet says, "We are farmers, we are called food givers. The Prime Minister says that he has bought these three new laws as a gift. We say this is not a gift but a punishment. If you want to give us a gift, give us a guarantee for a fair price for our produce."

"Blocking roads, troubling the public is not our aim. We are sitting here in need. However, even if our agitation is causing you pain, we fold our hands and apologise," the pamphlet goes on to add.

It says, "We do not want charity, we want price."

Besides, the pamphlet goes on to say, "This is the only demand with which we want to go to Delhi and tell the Prime Minister our mind. The government does pretend to talk to us but does not listen to us."

"If any patient or elder has a problem, if an ambulance is halted and there is an emergency, please contact our volunteers and they will help you immediately," the Sankyukta Kisan Morcha said.

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