Father set on fire by daughter in Kolkata, Caught on CCTV

A horrific incident took place in Kolkata where a woman of 22-year-old got her father drunk and then set him on fire. The whole scenario got caught on a CCTV camera and the woman has been accused of murder.

The police reported that the accused took her father out for dinner on Sunday. There she got him drunk. They both were at a restaurant. After dinner, both went to the Chadpal Ghat by Strand Road for a small walk. They soon sat on a bench to relax and talk. Soon the father g=fell asleep. They both were on the banks of the Hooghly River.

The accused saw a chance and poured kerosene all over her father and set her sleeping father ablaze. The police investigation revealed that the whole action got caught on a CCTV camera. Later while interrogation the woman confessed to the crime as well. The complaint was filed by the woman’s uncle. He is a resident of Christopher road near Park Circus.

During the investigation, the woman revealed that after her mother’s death, her father used to physically assault her. He even used to mentally torture her. The torture took a halt when the woman got married. Later when her marriage failed, she got back home. The torture started again.

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