Fear clutches Indonesia with the 6.2-magnitude earthquake

There are many missing, caught under the debris, the figures are yet to be reported.

A powerful earthquake had struck Sulawesi, Indonesia on Friday.

The disaster mitigation agency (BNPB) said, at least 56 people have died after the 6.2-magnitude earthquake hit.

BNPM spokesman, Raditya Jati mentioned more than 820 people were injured and over 15,000 left their homes. Some took refuge in the mountains, while others found protection in the cramped evacuation centers. Jati added police and military officers have been deployed to keep a check on looting in those areas. An emergency response status has been started, intended to help rescue efforts.

Dwikorita Karnawati, head of Indonesia's Meteorological, climatology, and geophysical agency (BMKG) has said that another quake could bring a tsunami.

Since Sunday, Indonesian rescuers have saved many bodies under the rubble of destruction. Military engineers managed to reopen broken roads, giving access to relief goods. More heavy equipment has reached the severest hit city of Mamuju, and the neighboring district of Majene. The governor's building was on the verge of being collapsed. Two hospitals were damaged, and a shopping mall went into dust. No major damage was attributed to Saturday's 5.0-magnitude aftershock. Multiple smaller aftershocks had continued to shake the region.

Power supply and phone communications have begun to improve.

Many people, reportedly missing are still trapped under the debris. Safaruddin Sanusi, head of West Sulawesi's Communication and Information Department, stated that their priority is saving the ones who are still buried under.

Positioned in "the Pacific Ring of Fire", Indonesia is prone to many geological disasters, especially earthquakes.

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