Finance For Environment To Be a Major Part of Budget Presented By Sitharaman

New Delhi: Cities with 42 million-plus population will be getting additional Rs. 2217 crore for air pollution management. finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced while presenting the budget on Monday. This will be in accordance with measures as part of Central’s Urban Cleanliness Mission.

This allocation will be added to the allocated amount for National Clean Air Programme (NCAP). Several schemes were proposed for ministries such as hydrogen energy mission, urban mobility, voluntary vehicle scrapping policy. Expansion in beneficiaries under the “Ujjwala” scheme will happen. This will reduce India’s carbon footprints and making the air and the environment healthier.

The total environment budget was cut down from Rs. 3100 crore in 2020-2021 to Rs. 2870 crore for the next financial year. Other schemes would have funds from other ministries, such as renewable energy, housing, and urban affairs. The Commission For Air Quality Management (NCR) has been assigned Rs.20 crore.

According to Sitharaman, the ultimate goal is to encourage fuel-efficient vehicles. Personal vehicles would have to go through an automated fitness test after 20 years while commercial vehicles would be 15 years.

MetroLite and MetroNeo under metro rail systems will assist in reducing private vehicles. In addition to this, augmentation in public bus transportation at the cost of Rs. 18000 crores will be helpful in reducing vehicular emissions in cities.

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