Fire at Vadodara hospital's COVID-19 ward, 35 evacuated, no casualties found

The fire broke at Vadodara hospital's COVID-19 ward due to a short circuit.

A fire broke out at the Vadodara Municipal Corporation-run SSG hospital on 8th September, Tuesday. Here a total of 272 COVID-19 positive patients were already undergoing treatment. The fire broke out on one of the ICU wards of the hospital on the first floor due to a short circuit in the wiring of a ventilator present in the ICU.

35 patients were evacuated while nobody was injured, 3 patients were shifted to GMERS Gotri hospital due to their critical condition.

The incident occurred at night when the ventilators in ICU-2 sparked and burst into flames. The staff on the floor helped and saved many lives by immediately extinguishing the fire with an extinguisher. And prevented the fire from spreading to the other units.

The Chief Fire Officer at Vadodara Fire and Emergency Services (VFES), Parth Brahmabhatt, said, “We had rushed to the spot immediately after receiving the call. But by the time we reached, the staff had played a very crucial role which prevented a major catastrophe. Just three days ago, we had conducted a mock drill at SSG, teaching the staff members the techniques for dousing different types of flames as well as evacuating patients.”

The staff used their presence of mind and control the fire well. They used the ABC fire extinguisher. The staff emptied the entire container on the machine in such a way that the negative and positive energy that goes into the machine when it is still connected to the socket was snapped due to its auto tripping ability. The electricity of the whole floor was cut-off.

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