Fire break out in Lucknow, Shatabdi Express at Ghaziabad railway station.

The cause of the fire is still ascertained and zero casualties have been informed.

A fire broke out in the generator compartment of Shatabdi Express at Ghaziabad railway station on March 20, Saturday, was reported to the fire department, at 7 am in the morning.

Around four fire tenders to the spot from the Kotwali fire station were sent off immediately and was observed that the fire was located in the last bogie that carried the generator and luggage of the train. The coach was detached from the train and the process of extinguishing the fire started. The fire had to be extinguished by breaking the jammed doors of the coach.

The Chief Fire Officer of Ghaziabad, Sushil Kumar said, "About 7 am today, the generator and luggage compartment of Shatabdi Express caught fire. It was immediately separated from the train. 4 fire tenders doused the fire after breaking the window. No casualty, reason unknown on what caused the fire, probe underway," and it was also mentioned by the officer that, “The fire was doused within half an hour after our fire tenders started operation.

The last coach of the train, which also houses a luggage compartment, was affected. We cut open one of the gates of the coach while the other gate was opened by applying manual force. The fire was completely doused within half an hour. Before starting the operation, we ensured that the overhead electricity supply was disconnected.”

The cause of the fire is still ascertained and zero casualties have been informed.

Also earlier this month, nine people lost their lives, including railway staff and fire officials in a fire that broke out on the 13th floor of the Eastern Railway’s office in Kolkata. Keeping in mind the repetitive incidents of fire in trains and railway premises, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal ordered the officials to look after preventive measures for fire hazards, identify breaches in fire safety and ensure general alertness for passengers smoking on board.

The minister said at a review meeting that, “Safety remains the focus area of Railway operations and no one should let the guard down on that front. A

thorough review and rechecking of all safety measures in the running of trains needs to be taken up by all concerned."

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