Fire breaks out at a nationalised bank road, in Strand Road again

Early in the morning, a fire broke out in a state-owned bank on Strand Road and panic spread again. The bank is on the fourth floor of a multi-storey building in the area. Local residents said they saw smoke coming out of the bank window on Wednesday morning. The fire brigade was immediately informed. In a few moments, the fire spread to the third and fourth floors of the multi-storey building.

The 13 storey building in Strand road after the fire broke out. Source: Anandabazar Patrika

Ten fire engines went to the spot and tried to control the fire. Firefighters continued their efforts to prevent the fire from spreading to the adjacent multi-storey building. Firefighters could not get close to the fire. Attempts are being made to extinguish the fire with water from a multi-storey roof next door. There are more offices on the multi-storey fire. Firefighters are also monitoring those offices so that the fire does not spread.

The firefighters ensured that there was none at the time of the incident. Firefighters said there was a risk of danger if the incident happened during office hours. On the evening of March 8, a fire broke out in the Eastern Railway office. The fire on the 13th floor was horrible. Four firefighters, one RPF worker, and an ASI from Hare Street police got killed while trying to rescue people trapped inside.

The fire that broke out on the multi-storey road of Strand Road on Tuesday evoked memories of the coal mine fire. This time, the firefighters are trying to put out the fire in a very careful and quick way by learning from the fire in the railway building.

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