Firhad Hakim resigned from the post of Municipality Chief

KOLKATA: Firhad Hakim resigned as the administrator of Calcutta Municipality in the early beginning of the vote. Firhad resigned from the post following the instructions of the Election Commission. Khalil Ahmed, secretary of the city and urban development department has been given the responsibility of administering the Kolkata municipality.

According to government guidelines, Khalil will be in charge until a newly elected board is formed. It may be mentioned that on Saturday, the Election Commission directed that the former mayors or elected representatives who have been appointed as administrators in the expired municipalities and municipalities will not be able to hold the post during the voting.

Firhad Hakim resigned on Monday. Source: Zee news

It was learned that the executive officer of the municipality and the municipal commissioners of the municipal corporation may be appointed as administrators. The state government was supposed to inform the commission about the decision in this regard. On the same day, a notification was issued for the appointment of a new Administrator.

Incidentally, the term of more than 100 municipalities in the state expired last year. As there was no election, the mayors, chairmen and mayors were appointed as administrators. The BJP had approached the commission alleging that politicians could exert influence if they were municipal administrators during the elections of 2021. After that, the commission issued such guidelines.

Earlier, Firhad Hakim had said, "I will resign in accordance with the rules to be a candidate in the Assembly elections." If the board is dissolved, the responsibility of the Calcutta Municipality will be taken over by the Municipal Commissioner and the Chief Secretary of the Urban Development Department. Other municipal administrators who have become candidates in the Assembly polls will also have to resign before submitting nominations.

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